Are you struggling to envision the path to reopening your business? You're not alone.

In spite of the disruptions caused by the global pandemic, now is the time to identify new possibilities to recover, reboot, and grow. Founders are known for being inventive and nimble. But in these uncharted waters, even the savviest business owner can benefit from seasoned advice to navigate this landscape more smoothly.

I created this series to guide founders like you.

I want to help you regain control of your business.This Series enables you to dedicate time to revisit your objectives, reevaluate your priorities, and gain a fresh perspective on our new environment. You'll join forces with a group of similarly motivated founders who are seeking to strengthen their resolve and identify new opportunities. This 10-week series is designed for smart women like you to learn new tools and resources to address specific challenges.  You'll gain confidence needed to take action and achieve your objectives in the midst of these uncertain times.

Because it takes time to identify new opportunities, change old behaviors, & prepare for success!


May 20 - June 5:

  • Private 30 min Prep Call with Rebecca Moore
  • Access to Private Online Group = access to weekly updates/training materials
  • Unlimited emails/messaging with Group
  • 3 Interactive Group Training Sessions (90 min. ea. via Zoom):

                 May 22 at 10-12pm

                May 29 (TBA)

                June 5 (TBA)

         NOTE: Hour for 2nd & 3rd Sessions TBA, based on Group preference

June 8 - July 24:

  • 6 Founder Huddles: Working Group Discussion + Accountability Sessions (60 min. ea. via Zoom)

           NOTE: Day & Hour for Sessions TBA based on Group preference.

  • 90-min Private Consultation with Rebecca Moore

Post-July 24:

  • Lifetime access to Female Founder Network


Because now is the best time to retrofit for the new normal. This Series will enable you to:

  • Gain clarity on your mission, values, and your unique genius
  • Brainstorm new approaches to navigate the changing landscape (social distancing & capacity limit requirements)
  • Break through blocks that are limiting your growth
  • Eliminate actions that no longer serve you & your business
  • Set new audacious milestones & objectives.
  • Find the camaraderie and accountability necessary to help you consistently achieve your goals.
  • Become the motivated and confident founder you desire
  • Take action to gain momentum and thrive in 2020 & beyond

Let me help you reboot:

This is your opportunity to retool and accelerate your business with a small group of encouraging peers. Together we will look at your operations with a fresh perspective and identify key adjustments to position your business for success in this new world.  Still have Questions?  Let's Chat

Three 90-min Interactive Group Training Sessions

Six Zoom Founder Huddles: Working Group Discussion & Accountability Sessions

Six Zoom Founder Huddles: Working Group Discussion & Accountability Sessions


Once registered, you will hop on a private call with Rebecca Moore to prepare yourself for the series and to access to your online resources and materials. The Series begins May 22 with a 3-hour interactive training and discussion session. Trainings will cover 6 modules designed to clarify your objectives, master your mindset, prioritize your actions, increase and close more sales, and achieve profitability in your business. The group will collectively determine the best session schedule.

Six Zoom Founder Huddles: Working Group Discussion & Accountability Sessions

Six Zoom Founder Huddles: Working Group Discussion & Accountability Sessions

Six Zoom Founder Huddles: Working Group Discussion & Accountability Sessions


You and your fellow founders will  participate in "Huddle" Zoom meetings for 9 weeks. This will enable you to stay accountable to your milestones and receive feedback from peers that know you and understand your business. You will feel safe asking the tough questions, and be able to efficiently learn about best practices, strategies, and resources from those who've "been there". This continuity and collective wisdom is what sets this program apart. You'll be an integral part of a small group of founders that care deeply about each other's success.

Ongoing support via Private FB Group & Texts

Ongoing support via Private FB Group & Texts

Ongoing support via Private FB Group & Texts


Each Group member will communicate easily via private Facebook group and texts. Rebecca will prepare weekly FBLive updates and posts that will supplement and reenforce the modules and ensure that you  stay focused on your objectives. 

One-on-One Consultation on YOUR business

Ongoing support via Private FB Group & Texts

Ongoing support via Private FB Group & Texts


As part of the Series, you will receive a 90-minute private consultation via Zoom with Rebecca Moore on your specific business strategy. You get to determine a mutually convenient time convenient during the 10 week period.

Expect to achieve clarity on your zone of genius, business model, and action plan through our:

  • mission and purpose-defining methodology
  • healthy mindset + well-being practice
  • business reenvisioning process in our new climate
  • planning + actions + milestone-setting discipline
  • ideal customer and messaging clarity tools
  • customer prospecting + networking approach
  • pricing + revenue growth strategy
  • sales role-playing exercises


Founder's Collaborative Working Session

If you are driven to:

  • cultivate purpose in your business and life to make an impact 
  • create a profitable and meaningful enterprise
  • fulfill your dream of earning the salary your deserve
  • actively utilize your unique gifts to be productive and fulfilled

If you find yourself:

  • overwhelmed with our new landscape + needing to pivot
  • stuck at a lower-than projected revenue level or stretched thin
  • uncomfortable with your current pricing model / sales process
  • feeling isolated from those who understand your mission

And you want to: 

  • reimagine your business with a powerful action plan
  • adjust your mindset & focus on operating with more ease + joy
  • revisit your ideal customer, advantage + fine-tune messaging
  • be held accountable to your goals in a supportive environment


  • $1500 (paid in 3 installments of $500)
  • 6+ hours of interactive small group personal development & instruction
  • 10+ hours of group huddles/accountability/virtual office hours
  • 90 minutes personal consultation with Rebecca Moore
  • Unlimited email communication

This program is a strategic investment to ensure your success. It is being offered virtually at a fraction of the regular cost.

NOTE:  Please contact me directly to discuss hardship pricing or deferred payment options.

My background

I leverage 25+ years of experience founding and managing a venture-backed dot-com and 2 consultancies, working for 3 start-ups, 2 nonprofits, and multiple companies. Running my own business enables me to manage a busy household of 3 daughters, serve on several community boards, mentor MBA students, and share my business development and marketing knowledge with hundreds of founders and start-ups.
Learn more about me

Still have Questions?   Book a complimentary 20-min Call with me.

I look forward to learning about you and empowering you to cultivate purpose and make an impact with your business!. 


Rebecca R. Moore, Founder


If you know you are ready to join my this 10-Week Founders Series, please enroll now to reserve your spot!

What others have said about other progams


Focus, Clarity & Inspiration

Holistic & Inspiring Approach

Holistic & Inspiring Approach

This Mastermind was exactly what I needed to step outside of my day-to-day business and clearly identify areas that were holding me back. I now know where to focus my energy to grow my business and am on a new trajectory with clear objectives. Rebecca’s advice, guidance and thoughtful strategic planning exercises, and the group’s feedback, support and accountability has been a powerful combination. Our Cohort is a group of amazing, inspiring women---I'm so grateful for my new network of founders!

-D. Place, Founder, Third Act Quest


Holistic & Inspiring Approach

Holistic & Inspiring Approach

Holistic & Inspiring Approach

Rebecca's Founder Mastermind gave me  the opportunity to listen to and learn from peers and the time and space to focus on creating clarity in my business.  I appreciated the holistic approach on viewing success as taking into account both revenue and time for personal life priorities, and am grateful for the opportunity.

-S. Lawrence, Founder, Cause After A Pause


Turned my 'maybe' into 'YES!'

Turned my 'maybe' into 'YES!'

Turned my 'maybe' into 'YES!'

This Women's Impact Mastermind helped me turn my "maybe" into a “YES!” The tools and practices in the Mastermind brought clarity and intention to my business goals, and I have made significant decisions in my life and business model as a result---ones I wouldn’t have thought possible before the program. If you want to take a step forward with your business idea but are not sure which step to take first, consider this program and working with Rebecca. She makes the impossible...possible!

-J. Henriques, Founder, Collage of Life & Tahilla Gatherings

Wow. A super dose of vitamins that will ripple in effect for a long time to come and change the cour

Super Dose of Vitamins!

Turned my 'maybe' into 'YES!'

Turned my 'maybe' into 'YES!'

"Wow. I mean wow. The Series was impactful ---a super dose of vitamins that will ripple in its effect for a long time to come.  It has had the power to change the course of my trajectory. 
The group was like an assembly of superheroes! The collective years of wisdom and kindness is a deep well I look forward to dipping into as we meet again and again in the future. Each woman at the table had something of value and inspirational to share, and it really stoked the desire and need to be a support to others as well.  Rebecca, you are a tremendous leader. I learn with each encounter I have with you. 

-R, Long, Founder, WingWhistle LLC

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