Deep Experience

It is a privilege to share my three decades of personal and business experience with fellow female founders. 

My aim is to guide each founder to hone in on her genius, to clarify her objectives, and to develop an actionable strategy to grow her business.  My clients know that I am "in their corner."

Mission Driven

Women start nearly 2000 businesses per day in the US. However, only a small percentage are able to generate a meaningful income or raise debt or equity funding to grow or scale. The pandemic has intensified this problem. 

My mission is to guide and empower motivated business owners to achieve their desired growth faster, and with more ease and confidence. 

Entrepreneurship can be a powerful opportunity for women to leverage their talents and minds to create meaningful livelihoods. I'm devoted to proving that this new paradigm is viable and can change lives, This work is the apex and delight of my career.