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We work with female founders who are motivated to leverage their talents to create profitable businesses and make an impact in their sphere of influence.

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Together, we can move mountains.

Next Women's Business Cohort in Jan

Next Women's Business Impact Mastermind Cohort begins in Boston Jan 17 led by Rebecca Reynolds Moore

This 12-week Mastermind is designed for female founders who want to make an impact and grow their business. I facilitate a small cohort of like-minded business owners will learn new strategies to master mindset, money-making, and messaging in order to grow their business faster and with more easy and joy.

The program kicks off with a full-day training/retreat on Jan 17 at The Wing Boston, and is followed by 6 Group Mastermind Zoom meetings, and a celebration of Cohort's breakthroughs and milestones achieved.  

Registration closes Dec 17, 2019.

Featured Podcast

Cultivating Purpose with Your Business, Rise Above the Noise & Rebecca Reynolds Moore InANutshellceo

Susan Finn from Rise Above Noise interviews Rebecca Moore about her background and mission at InANutshell Consulting.

Tune in to hear their discussion of how to 

Cultivate Purpose with your business.

Let's work together!


One person can only do so much.  

Let's work together and make an impact.

Want to chat?  Schedule a 15-min complimentary call.

What obstacles are you facing?

Need more focus?


Squirrel Syndrome is common for entrepreneurs.  Founders are often energized and distracted by exciting new growth opportunities,  Your time is precious.  One of the best ways to accelerate your business is to arm yourself with a mentor that's been in your shoes and has your back.

Schedule your 15-min free Discovery Call with Rebecca to learn more.

Marketing overwhelm?


One of our services is to condense your marketing information into concise "nutshells" -- short messages that clearly convey your story and effectively attract new customers. 

We offer private and group consultation/coaching, Masterminds, and online courses.  For a DIY option, enroll in our self-paced online course "Nailing Your Story In A Nutshell."  Watch Trailer to learn more

Pedaling backwards?


Working hard does not guarantee success. Personalized coaching and strategic business advice allows you to clarify and prioritize your objectives and eliminate wasted efforts, which frees you to accomplish more in less time.

We design an ongoing strategy that empowers you to master your mindset, fine-tune your messaging to increase sales, and confidently hit your milestones.  Ready to chat?  Book a free intro call to learn more

Masterminds, Courses, Workshops & Resources

2020 Women's Business Impact Mastermind


Designed for female founders to identify road blocks and opportunities, and to prioritize actions for growth. Includes:

  • Full-Day Offsite Retreat & Training
  • 6  90-min Cohort Webinars
  • Private FB Cohort Group
  • In-Person Cohort Gathering
  • 90 min Private Consultation

Proven methodologies to master mindset, money making activities, and marketing.  

Cohort Member Testimonial: 

 "I highly recommend Rebecca Moore’s Women Impact Mastermind program. I thoroughly enjoyed working with like minded, enthusiastic and inspiring women committed to launching, developing or completing their business goals. Rebecca has been instrumental in helping me move past an “idea” and make it a reality. She is a smart, articulate and deep thinking business women, committed to helping others develop their business ideas."

Half-Day Women's Impact Mastermind


Half-Day Women's Impact Mastermind, focuses on  tools to master a healthy mindset, monetization, and messaging to accelerate business.

Participant Testimonial:

"I came out of the Half-day Mastermind feeling so excited about the potential of what I can do in my business. I now know what I need to do to move the needle.  One big takeaway  is that there is an ideal client for me--to focus on those traits as I grow my business.  Rebecca’s superpower is creating a nurturing environment where participants feel comfortable sharing our experiences. Rebecca and this group of women inspired me to create a more compelling future for my business."

Online Courses and Webinars


Enroll in our Webinars, online workshops and mini-courses: 

Click on image to view Workshop Trailer.



This Spring we piloted a new FBLive/YouTube series called Test-Drive Your Business.  Check out Episode #10 where Moore talks about "Busting the Hustle Myth."  

Available on both  Facebook @inanutshellceo  or YouTube.


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If your business needs a social media makeover, contact me to bring your Instagram strategy up to date!

Springboard Enterprises


A proud Alumna and supporter of Springboard Enterprises, I successfully raised $10 million in venture capital and angel funding for my first business, MuseumShop,com.  After an intensive bootcamp, I was one of 20 entrepreneurs selected to present my start-up to 500 investors at Harvard Business School. Springboard's mission is to educate, coach, and showcase high growth women-run companies seeking equity capital for expansion. ---Photo of me being interviewed by Boston Business Week surrounded by MuseumShop.com products.



Female Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create a new paradigm for business.

Women start businesses at twice the rate of men. According to a recent inc. report, in the US alone over 1800 women start a new business each day--a 3000% increase over 1972.  Yet, few women-owned businesses generate more than $100,000 in sales or raise angel or venture funding.  Our mission is to change this paradigm and empower women to create meaningful incomes and successful businesses on their own terms.  

We work with founders to clarify business objectives, develop a concrete action plan, and build a compelling story.  We seek to save precious resources, identify time-saving solutions and tools, and encourage accountability.

Founder's Table at Office Evolution Burlington May 2019

Seasoned entrepreneurs are tough to find.

We've founded and funded start-ups, rolled up our sleeves and sweated for equity.  Our private and group coaching enables us to quickly connect you with tried and true entrepreneurs to test your ideas and assumptions in a safe and confidential environment.  We help you weed out the distractions and create actionable next steps.  

(Photo on right:  Founder's Table at Burlington office)


Invest in yourself.

The fastest road to success is to surround yourself with mentors who've travelled the road you are on.

 Our job is to ask the tough questions, help you avoid pitfalls, create an actionable road map, and identify resources and tools to enable your business to grow faster.

Think of us as your outsourced partner.  Your investment in our services will save you time and resources, without equity dilution or employment expenses. 

Curious to learn more?

 Schedule a free Discovery Call to see if there's a fit, or apply to our upcoming Women's Impact Mastermind.

About us...in a nutshell

Ways we serve entrepreneurs

Naming, Branding & Logo Direction


Let's define the objective of your message and specify design criteria that will result in a  tight branding strategy for your business.

Social Media Strategies

Rebecca Moore with Pamela Thomas at first Pepperlane Conference : To Begin Begin.

Your social media strategy can make or break your business.  Let's define and determine the most effective channels to reach your target customers, create a viable campaign and metrics, and identify the resources you need to execute on the plan.

Marketing Strategies


Let's assess your current marketing strategy, target the most effective marketing channels, fine-tune your message, and create a roll-out plan with specific metrics to gauge your success.

Roadmap for Success

Business Roadmap image.  photo by ardito ryan Harrisna on Unsplash

If you're like many emerging (or re-emerging) female founders, you've started your business without a clear roadmap.  We'll help you fine-tune your objectives and refine your "story" so that you can create a plan with concrete milestones. We schedule regular follow-ups to gauge performance and ensure accountability.

Monetizing Your Idea

InANutshell Consulting's CEO Rebecca Moore's desktop and coffee preparing for a founder meeting.

Whether you are bootstrapping or planning to raise funds through crowdsourcing, family/friends, angel or venture capital, we will review and asses your financial projections and make recommendations for the best  move-forward strategy.  In certain cases, we will introduce your business to our network of angel funders.


Pepperlane Connect Panel

  • Should I register as a LLC?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Do I need a bookkeeper?
  • What email platform should I use?
  • When/how do I hire staff?
  • What should I outsource?
  • Should I seek outside funding?
  • How do I market my business?

Client Testimonials

women's impact mastermind


 "Wow. I mean wow. The Mastermind was an impact. When I say that, I mean something that was a super dose of vitamins, something that will ripple in its effect for a long time to come, and has had the power to change the course of my trajectory. 

        The group was like an assembly of superheroes...The collective years of wisdom and kindness is a deep well I look forward to dipping into as we meet again and again in the near future. Each woman at the table had something of value and inspirational to share, and it really stoked the desire and need to be a support to others as well. 
      You are a tremendous leader. I learn with each encounter I have with you."

Founder of WingWhistle LLC

-November 2019

business development strategy


"After 25+ years working for nonprofits and grantmaking initiatives, I recently charted a new course for myself as an entrepreneur and have founded a new business...

I hired Rebecca to guide me in creating and executing a start-up strategy...she continues to support and propel me forward in areas outside of my own wheelhouse...marketing tools, payment processes, messaging, converting inquiries into client business... 

She's patient, knowledgeable, and a valuable connector to other resources. Rebecca helped me get on a fast track to establishing a personal brand, setting goals, and connecting effectively with prospective clients."  

Founder Cause After A Pause, Greater Boston 

-May 2019

naming and branding strategy


"Starting a business can be so overwhelming and intimidating. Having Rebecca beside me to guide me through this process has been invaluable. She allowed me to focus on what’s important and gave me insightful, concrete recommendations on everything from how to visually represent my brand to how I talk about myself on my website.

Rebecca is clearly a skilled professional with tremendous experience so she really gets the ups and downs I face as an entrepreneur. She is intuitive, asks great questions and has creative ideas that help me tell my story. On top of that she is so fun to work with and her energy and compassion are contagious. 

However, the best part about working with Rebecca is that she is truly inspirational and the absolute best cheerleader. Her passion for my passion makes me want to build the best business I can on my own terms!

Founder, HomeSpaceHarmony

-January 2019

deep dive & start-up advice

Rebecca Reynolds Moore and Elyse Rowley InANutshell Consulting


"The deep-dive sessions helped us establish a clear 6- and 12-month action plan with bite-sized milestones. The ongoing virtual checkpoints have been invaluable in keeping us on schedule and providing encouragement and real-time feedback on our growth.

Co-Founders, By Design College Consulting

"Rebecca has been extremely helpful in getting me moving again...and it feels great!  Her guidance to get up and out there, as well as to figure out what my immediate next steps should be, really helped.  I appreciate her expert guidance."

Founder, JMack Academics

-February 2019

new business viability

Meeting with female founders at InANutshell Consulting's Lexington office.  Photo Randi Freundlich.


"I found our sessions to be especially helpful with accountability. I felt like I was more focused and deliberate in my actions as a result of our monthly meetings. 

Having a monthly touch point also helped me to take a step back from the day-to-day and take the time to think at a higher level about my long-term goals and business vision." 

Founder,  Wellness Business

online self-paced courses



"I watched the videos on my phone. It was invaluable to have a clear framework and checklists to push me to review and refine my pitch prior to a major launch. I recommend this workshop to any founder who is stuck or procrastinating finalizing their message." -Founder, ClearCEO

Fall 2018

"Each step was presented in bite-sized manageable pieces so I was able to focus on and complete the course in off-hours while still running my business. Thank you for inspiring me to polish my pitch!" 

Co-Founder, Global Design Post

Spring 2018